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Carb Kit Fits RB-21 12530042030 SRM1500 GT1100 Trimmers C1U-K4 A Carburetors

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Carb Kit Fits RB-21 12530042030 SRM1500 GT1100 Trimmers C1U-K4 C1U-K32 A Carburetors

Stens 615-360 Carburetor Kit

  • Stens Carburetor Kit
  • Zama RB 21
Replaces OEM:
  • Echo: 12530042030,
  • Zama: RB-21,
Fits Models:
  • Echo SRM1500, SRM2300, HC1000, SHR-040, SV4, HC1500, PB1000, GT2103 and GT1100 trimmers
  • Zama C1U-K4; C1U-K7, A; C1U-K8, A; C1U-K9, A; C1U-K10; C1U-K11; C1U-K14; C1U-K15, A-B; C1U-K16,A; C1U-K26; C1U-K29 and C1U-K32, A carburetors
  • Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel