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Stens / John Deere / Sabre

OEM Replacement Belt M74747 STX30 1338G 1538G 1546G 1646G

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OEM Replacement Belt John Deere M74747, STX30,1338G, 1538G, 1546G, 1646G
Stens 265-910 OEM Replacement Belt

  • Stens OEM Replacement Belt
  • John Deere M74747
  • John Deere: M74747
  • Sabre: M74747
  • John Deere STX30; Sabre gear models 1338G, 1538G, 1546G and 1646G
  • Belt Application: Drive
  • Belt Type: Covered
  • Width: 1/2"
  • Length: 105"
  • Packaging Type: Branded sleeve

If your mower has a gear trans axle your part number is Stens 265-910. If it is a Hydro Drive then it's Stens part number 265-667